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I'm Stephanie, a single mother loving life in the breathtaking Tongass National Rainforest. I have a passion-slash-obsession for goldfish, long hair, fiber arts (doesn't long hair fall into that category?), and indoor gardening. I love the ocean. I love the mountains (we're not talkin' any piddly little hills here...). I love taking advantage of what the outdoors has to offer and living here, I get the opportunity to be awestruck by Alaska's beauty on a daily basis. Helps that I love the rain... ;)

I'm a spiritual woman, but one of an independent sort and I don't affiliate myself with any organized religion. I blaze my own trails, working with universal energy, and know that anything I want to accomplish in life is possible as long as I'm willing to apply myself and put the effort forth. I'm confident, strong, and balanced. I'm also an Aquarius through and through, for those of you who understand what that entails. I love to laugh and have fun, but it's rare that I come across people who truly "get" my quirks. I laugh easily, love easily, and live easily. Life is good.

My tastes for material items are quite eclectic, and if I'm not eyeing the latest glazeware pottery, hand-thrown and fired by my favorite artist, I'm window shopping for platinum and diamonds. I adore Native Alaskan artwork, photography, and just about anything hand-crafted with natural materials. I love colors, I love textures, and I love imagination.

I am completely middle of the road as far as politics go, and no, that doesn't mean that I don't have any opinions, it means that my views are strong and so widely spread that, really, it brings me to the middle. I believe in a woman's right to her body. I believe in the death penalty. I believe in taking responsibility for those who can't take responsibility for themselves. I believe in legalizing marijuana (and no, I don't puff). I believe in keeping gun restrictions low. And due to the state of our nation, I believe in helping our own country before we help others who are not directly and immediately affecting us. I also believe in practicing tolerance for others' beliefs, which I fully hold myself to.

That's me in a nutshell. The rest, you'll find by reading my journal. And just so you know, the majority of my entries are restricted to the public. If you're interested in reading, by all means, leave me a comment. Tell me something that will ruffle my feathers. 

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